Lobster roe mayonnaise

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We had a couple of whole lobsters the other night and then some homemade mayo from the next.  I saved the roe, put it through a fine sieve and then mixed in with the mayo.

Ideas for usage?

I thought it would really up the ante on an otherwise mayo-bound salad (e.g., tuna, potato), simple deviled eggs, it could be used like a bourride/aioli technique to thicken a soup, the world's fanciest BLT....
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Why the sieve?, could have or probably broke the eggs in the roe, but IF that's what you were going for then okay. My preference?, lobster botarga or whole fresh roe with hot pasta, tablespoon of finely chopped flat leaf parsley & clarified butter, dash sweet smoked paprika = Lobster Carbonara, for your special customers.


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@flipflopgirl    Just roe, we ate the tomalley

@EverydayGourmet    I've never heard of any classic use of either roe and/or tomalley which did not have a sieve step to make sure the roe and tomalley are fine and blend in well with the finished product and no grit or shell accidentally got in.  Lobster roe is so tiny anyway.

I'll usually make a roe butter and then use it to finish a white sauce but I had the mayo and this seemed interesting.  
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Roe butter or roe mayo sound good

When I have old lobster parts I make bisque, and that's where the leftover roe or tomalley go.


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Warm lobster smashed potatoes. À comfort food, growing up, was semi mashed potatoes w mayo instead of butter. Add lobster, or not.
Chilled pasta salad - lots of ways to go. Add lemon juice, dill, scallions, seafood of choice, artichoke hearts. Whatever you like.
Smear for lobster, crab or shrimp cake sliders.
Topper for chilled asparagus mimosa. Finish w the grated hard boiled eggs.
Dipper for French Fries.
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