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Hello all! I am considering a few culinary programs in Chicago, and had some general questions about the city, attending school there, etc.

So, for those of you who have lived or studied in Chicago, how good is the El system? What were some of your experiences getting to school, work, home?

If you worked in Chicago and went to school, did employers take commute times into account if you had classes before work?

I do have experience with subway/mass transit. I spent a semester in Taiwan, and their bus/MRT system was efficient and well-integrated. Is this the case in Chicago?

Thanks for all the help and comments!
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I lived and worked in Chicago for 19 years. Mass transit is great in both the El and the bus systems. I did not own a car there for years.

It is not up to your employer to take into account traveling time.
It's your responsibility.
If the weather is a problem you need to compensate. Most employers understand the weather situation can be a problem. Communication is the key.

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