Living the dream in Orlando

Joined Aug 26, 2005
Hello from the "City Beautiful" as we call it here in Orlando, Florida! I've been in Florida for 21 years working in the food industry. I'm a native of Pittsburgh, PA-home of the Steelers or "Sixburgh" as it's called there.

I've officially left my "9-5" day job (if there is such a thing in the food industry) and started freelance writing about food and currently have a seafood cookbook project in the works. I'm a consummate foodie; I eat almost all foods (more about that later), dream about food, write about it and love eating out almost as much as I love cooking in my kitchen. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, thoughts and recipes as well as developing new friends and contacts.

Joined Aug 29, 2000
Thank you for the introduction, FoodLady, and welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll find plenty of people here who share the zeal for cooking and food. We're avid home cooks, professionals in the industry, and we come from all over the world. Some of us "Can't Boil Water", or are still in school, or have retired and found time to pursue their love of food.

The forums are just one of the facets of Chef Talk. Don't miss the cooking articles, Special Guest Forums and the photo gallery. While we're about to switch to a new format, you'll find it as welcoming and easy to navigate as the current one- maybe even moreso!

We hope you visit and participate often.
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