Living in LA update

Joined Apr 3, 2008
Well, it's about a month since I moved in down here...progress report. Downtown LA is a difficult place. Hard to find what you are looking for, hard to find parking,(cheaply), hard to understand quite a few of the people. However , I have managed to find a local representative of my Credit Union, found a great taco truck right around the corner from my apartment and today got my happy self all registered into the college. Boy did that take longer then I ever thought it would. So culinary classes actually start in June, will have to check out the book but I think I can get through most of these by Christmas of 2012, then transfer home and take my math and English courses there. unless I got just too good a job by then. Checking out an Event Service Agency tomorrow, so hopefully work will be settled by the end of the week. Take care everybody, sorry I haven't been posting much.
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It sounds like things are starting to come into place for you.  We have a friend who lives in LA and he says the same thing about the downtown.  Keep us posted as to how things are going for you..
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