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    Hey all,

    I tried my hand at cooking liver today; pig liver. So I seared it on both sides and butter basted it til it was pink in the middle the let it rest. I took a bite and thought to myself "This isn't as bad as people make it out to be." Then the meat, as if in defiance, just turned kind of chalky in my mouth. Is this just the nature of this particular organ or is there a way to avoid the chalkiness?
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    I'm not as fond of pig liver as a straight-up, calves liver is nice and young beef.  The chalkiness gets worse the more done it is but I think you will always have a bit of that going on.  A buffer/key is to have fatty additions (dredged, cooked in fat, served with bacon and onions that have been cooked in fat) just pink closer to what you'd get between medium and medium-rare on a steak should be pretty pink but certainly not raw, no more (again get it fresh or fresh-frozen) and serve it right away, I can't say I've seen much reason for a rest with it.  Keep your slices relatively thin (1/4") and your pan pretty hot to compensate without overcooking but not super-hot.  I love to eat mine with Linghams hot sauce on the side if you can get it in your neck of the woods. Give it a few more goes before locking it out of your life :D.  I have been craving liver recently and should pull some out of the freezer (got way too much from the last quarter cow buy...nobody else wanted it and I took about half, way too much...but I also got the sweetbreads, tail and tongue) .  The other thought is I have been thinking of making some Liverwurst but like the pinkness so I need to get my bag of cure #1 back from my friends.