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Watching the Saints-Colts encounter of the century. I've never been much of a pro sports fan, though after my daughter and her family moved to Pittsburgh and became rabid Steelers fans (since you simply cannot live in Pgbh without being a rabid Steelers fan) we've followed them whenever they're available on our cable TV.

Lot of fun year before last when they were on their way to the Superbowl championship. This last season, not quite so much, though there were some good games.

Anyway, I have watched quite a few of the past SB games mainly for the commercials, as they have frequently been the most notable in the advertising lexicon. So far, through the halftime show (which is really...loud) nothing has risen about the level of "insipid."

LOT of money spent for not much bang.

Footballwise, the sports pundits rated the teams VERY close, and so far, though the Colts have a lead, that seems pretty much accurate. I wouldn't venture a guess on the outcome at this point.

Just had a vicious scramble to recover a fumble. NO seems to have gotten the ball.

Emough of football...

What have been your favorite Superbowl commercials?
Mine are two:

The famous Tabasco commercial showing a guy who is eating a pizza and it's made clear he has emptied six or eight bottles of Tabasco on the pizza as he was eating it. A mosquito lands on his arm, takes a deep drink, flies away... and explodes in a little ball of fire . :bounce: This one is on permanent display at the visitors' center on Avery Island.

The other was the "Herding Cats" commercial, and I've even forgottn the sponsor.

Well, back to the game. NO just pulled ahead.


Ooooh- Indy just pulled ahead- not by much.
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