Live in England, Would love to move to Italy and learn to be a chef! No professional experience/qual

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I'm 24 and living in England. I currently work full time in Medical sales, I love my job and the money and benefits are fantastic.... however this is just not my passion. My passion is and always has been in food and cooking. Fortunately I have been in a position to save some money and build a good foundation in England that would now allow me to take that amazing/scary leap to start my new life doing what I love.

I love Italian cuisine and I love everything about Italy and this is where I would love to be..... one minor speed bump is the fact I don't speak Italian, however I would love to learn. 

My absolute dream would be to move over to Italy, rent an apartment and start working in a kitchen learning everything from the very basics to the most advanced techniques (as mentioned I don't have any culinary qualifications or have I worked in a professional kitchen but I'm an extremely quick learner helped only by my passion and determination to make this my life). I would not expect to be paid a lot, just enough to get me by, as I've mentioned I have been fortunate enough to save a little that will help me until I am deemed qualified enough to then begin to earn more money. 

Is this possible or am I just living in a dream world? 

as you'll probably guess this would be a massive risk for me to give up a growing career in sales..... to follow my passion, however it's one I would do in a breath to live the life I have always dreamed of. 

Thanks so much, I would love any feedback and thoughts on this! 

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Hey mate, It's very nice that you want to follow your passion but I will consider this step a bit more, not because of you but because of Italy. Italy is not an easy place to work if want to work as a chef, Italians do not speak a very fluent English, you'll be lucky to find someone who is able to make himself understood. You'll be doing a lot of hours with just a little break in between, and I mean a lot of them, not to mention that you will start from scratch with no knowledge of the language at all. There are a lot of Italians places in the UK that you can work for to begin with, ask for a stage, and then eventually you'll move to Italy. If you have any other question do not hesitate to ask 
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