little red organs inside the back of chickens

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I wondered what those little dark red organ-type thingies are that are attached to the inside of the back of chickens.  They;re around where i imagine the kidneys to be, but kidneys are small round things in other animals, and these are several kind of spread.  In some places i think it;s like a sort of longish area between the backbone and the ribs (I don;t have a chicken back at hand to look at). 

I usually try to wash them out, but i detest washing chicken.  Will they give a bad flavor? 
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They're kidneys.  Birds aren't mammals, and it's normal for them to have elongated kidneys.  Leave them where they are, they're fine.  A lot of people, including me, like them.

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I like them too.  Once a roasted carcass is done with and I'm clearing up - that is my treat.  No-one else here likes them - yay!  (Plus the parson's nose, all mine :D  )

I don't find that they detract from the flavour at all.  Leave them in.  Gives the stuffing or the juices to make your gravy with extra earthy taste, make the most of them.  And they add flavour to the stock if you are going to use the carcass for that purpose afterwards.

I'm disappointed that we don't get the giblets in the birds anymore to make a great tasting gravy to serve with the chook.  Not sure why they are not supplied now.
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Thanks, all. 

while we're at it, what about the pieces of lung that are often (at least here) still attached inside (spongy, whiteish but with blood all over them, and they peel easily from the back)?  Do you leave that in too?

I was surprised to find inside a hen (for soup) that there were all the eggs, in various stages of development, from regular yolk size to tiny lentil and pinhead sizes.  The butcher said you can make stracciatella with them (egg drop type soup).  The things you find!

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