Little Nepal Restaurant


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I had dinner at the only Nepalese restaurant in San Francisco last night, pretty good definitely unusual flavors or flavors not to be normally combined. The food was a Nepal, Indian, and Chinese fusion. We started with a skewer of chicken with sauteed yellow onion and galangal,with dried soy beans and something else that resembled dried coconut but with a nutty flavor, the chicken was marinated in tumeric and grilled, good flavor and juicy.
For our entrees we had a red curry tofu dish with cardamom and green beans, the sauce also had a rich milk added to the curry.This dish came with lentils and sauteed veg,and a spicy sauce . The other dish was a tandori chicken, what can i say it had a great flavor and was served on a sizzeling fajita boad. I would give it a try if you are adventureous... :chef:

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