Little bubbles in hamburger buns

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Hey Everyone,

I run a kitchen in Montreal and we make our own hamburger buns. Every once in a while we get these little bubbles all over the buns and I haven’t been able to find an answer as to what could be causing this.

FYI we are working with about 60% humidity. It seems to happen at random, but especially happens when we experiment with an overnight bulk fermentation in the fridge.

Can anyone help?


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Unfortunately I can't provide any solid answers as to why it happens, especially if it happens randomly. However, I don't see a big problem. If the rolls are otherwise acceptable people will pay more attention to the burger and presentation than a few bubbles on the bun.
And I would be willing to bet you couldn't create those bubbles if you wanted to. Which may provide a way of figuring it out. Try and make it happen on all the buns every time. Then you'll understand why it happens and should be better able to control the process.
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