liquid smoke

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I read your previous comments on liquid smoke entusiastic/non-entusiastic.
But does anybody know how to make liquid smoke at home?
Do you think that using smoked salt you can get a somewhat similar result?


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I have one of those Cameron stove top smokers. Every time I use it, I get this oily residue on the inside of the lid. I've always wondered if I were to harvest that residue and mix it with alcohol would I get liquid smoke?

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No, but I do know how to make Smoke Eau de Parfum.

When grilling (over charcoal of course you blasphemers....), add some soaked wood chips or chunks, preferably cherry, apple, hickory if that's all you've got. Now while the smoke is smoking and the meat is cooking, close your eyes, hold your breath and stand near the grill but downwind. Step out of cloud, breath, repeat.

Every time I do this I'm greeted by my S.O. rubbing her nose in my chest, moaning and exclaiming "Wow. You smell so good." The rest, as they say, is offspring......:eek:

Francesca - just saw some of your other posts, realized that you are new to the forum, possibly the states. My post above is merely an attempt at humor so please don't take it differently. My wife says I should give up that attempt as well.......

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