Liquid Eggs

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saw on food factory a plant that made bags of liquid eggs, not that super market fake stuff but real liquid eggs send to bakery's and restaurants. It never accrued to me that liquid eggs we used so how many oz. of egg is 1 egg? They also said they add salt and sugar to the eggs before bagging them so would not effect your recipe?  
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Dagger, I had a few of my food services use Liquid eggs. It's was easier and better for keeping omelets and scrambled eggs in a busy spoon up operation. These eggs held up well the eggs didn't turn green while trying to hold them for service. Citric acid and eggs is all I think was in the bagged eggs. I didn't use these for baking, we also used shell eggs for everything else.
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Generally, an egg is considered 50gr, or just under 2 oz. I've been using liquid eggs for over 20 years now. Usually only citric acid is added to whole eggs, and nothing else. Whites usually come frozen with nothing added to them. Yolks can come in fresh, but if frozen HAVE to have either a 10%sugar addition, OR a 2% salt addition.

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