Lion Sabatier - how to tell if it is a knockoff

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I recently purchased a set of Lion Sabatier knives from The knives appear (to a novice) to be excellent quality, the weight matches what other sites have listed for this same knife. My only cause for concern is how cheap the case was that they came in. I would think that for a set of knives costing hundreds of dollars the case wouldn't be so cheap. I don't really care about the case, just concerned the knives are knockoffs. I've attached a few images. What do you think?


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How easy is it to put a really nice edge on it?

Modern French stainless should take a good edge about as easily as Victorinox or Wusthof, but will usually come with a substandard factory edge in accordance with French tradition.

A fake will most likely not be easy to get properly sharp.
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The nylon bag is how this retailer sends its sets. The bag doesn't come from the maker. The individual knives probably arrived in a blister pack, go figure...
UK prices are always a bit high compared to what is common in continental Europe. Make sure you didn't pay European VAT.
Knockoffs are common with very well-known brands, as Global. It isn't worth the investment with this recent line by a relatively small maker.
Nothing to be concerned about.
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Yeah, packaging doesn't say much about the quality of knives from small French makers. My very excellent K Sabatier carbon steel knives purchased directly online from the maker came in a non-description packing box wrapped in old newspaper and packing tape surrounded by packing peanuts. No branded box, knifeguard, or other packaging. To be expected from a small family business.
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