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Hello, I been working at a casual Mexican restaurant for over a year now. I dont want to chop onions and work the line the rest of my life. We had a FOH manager come in and he recommended me to look into it. The servers at my place say they mak as much money as managers and the hours are steadier. There is a line cook who is training for server . They had him coming in for four hours once a week expediting start, I really need a pay raise in the next month Im thinking server plus tips to start learning FOH then manager??
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It depends. 

I started at FOH and moved to BOH, i knew the pay would be less, but that was what i had dreamed. Me being out there selling was not as fun as being in the kitchen producing, being in motion, in action and just having fun. Cooking to me even on the busiest days is fun. Even if im cooking someone elses food i still feel lucky to be in the environment and be ther producing something that will be enjoyed by another. FOH doesn´t get that.

It all depends i guess on what you think is better. Making more money or cooking. I don´t cook just for the money (granted i recieve over minimum wage, usually always make good money), but i cook for fun and because i want to learn more and advance an progress everyday to one day become a chef ou restaurant owner. 

I dont plan on being on the line for the rest of my life, but i do plan on always working with food. 

Currently i just left a job that paid me well with benefits and for the past few months i have been working at a place earning a bit less, but where im achieving a bit more and getting more experierence for my resume. 

It just depends on your overall objective in life/professional. 

Why are you in the kitchen?? Why do you cook?? What do you want to do with your life, do you plan on one day becoming a chef/owner etc...?

People who work FOH don´t get promoted to chef status, they don´t work with preparing the food in the kitchen and usually don´t get so much hands on cooking experience or cooking experience in general. 

Today with my objective to become a chef/restaurant owner, i think going from line cook to FOH would in my opinion be a demotion, and not really an advancement. 

But like i said, it depends on your objective and what you want. 
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It's a sound idea.  It depends on your personality, goals and what you enjoy doing.  I would say that it's absolutely a plus to learn FOH.  As you say you may not want to work the line forever, maybe eventually GM will be a goal for you.
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What happened to your torta shack dream?

Thought the name was crazy good.

Anyways yes...waiting tables is fast cash...but you need to set real, reachable long term goals because refilling tea glasses is just as boring as chopping onions.

I suggest shadowing the best waiter at the best restaurant you can hire into and when you get that down....repeat.

Never no show... always do your side work and help others do theirs if you have some spare time.

Be generous with your tip outs and never piss off anyone who could of help when it is time to move on.

Hospitality is a very small world and a good rep will take you far.

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Build up your FOH customer base so when they ask where the crazy waitress is they will tell them she opened a crazy white girl taco shop. Unless you a GM there isn't any money in FOH management. I bet you would work less and make more money waiting tables. Money doesn't come real easy in this business. In most cases people work a few restaurants trying to make a living wage. 
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Yeah That Torta shack dream is still there. Im refining some sauces. Im trying to build my credit up. I wont be able to get a loan with no creditor bad credit. Although I know they have single women type incentive loans
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I'm thinking the name.........SORTA TORTA......sorta. 1. short for "sort of"...... A Gringo girls twist.......hook it up with a fresh fruit drink concept.
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FOH is a good next step if you are aspired to run your own business. This will help you build your costumer relation skills and overall business management. Good luck and follow your dreams!

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