Line Cook Seeks Information About STL Kitchens

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Hi folks,

Can anyone out there share information about the St. Louis restaurant scene? I am a cook with five years of experience in busy, sophisticated kitchens. Now my family is planning on relocating to St. Louis and I am trying to learn as much as possible about the industry in the city and surrounding areas. How is the industry doing? Are there jobs for skilled cooks? What are wages like? Turnover? Overtime? Is craigslist the best source of information about openings, or should I just knock on doors and ask to stage? What is your favorite STL food blog? I have been reading the Post-Dispatch and Riverfront Times and now I’m looking to get more detailed information if possible. Any little bit helps -- thanks in advance.
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I'm a line cook in st.Louis. You are in luck. The culinary scene in st.Louis is vibrant. Some of the best local chefs are Gerard craft, Kevin willman, Kevin nashan.

Most decent jobs pay around 13$an hour. Jobs are usually plentiful in the spring. From my experience I would say that there are a small percentage of cooks that are outstanding. If you fall into this category, you'll make a decent living.

Craig's list is ok, but inconsistent. If you're really hungry and eager, ask for a stage somewhere. Bring your resume, sit at the bar, order an app, on a slow night. Ask for the chef....

. Sauce magazine is a pretty good source for local trends.

A few great restaraunts: Niche, farmhaus, Sydney street bistros, cielo, Scape Amerian bistros, pappys, shaved duck, iron barley. There's also a pretty good concentration of authentic style Italian restaurants on the hill(neighborhood).
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I own a service in St. Louis (and five other cities) that sends chefs into the homes of our customers for meal prep. We will be looking for a new chef soon for the St. Louis metro. We look for cooks who have big repertoires and experience with a lot of ethnic cuisines and some experience with special diets (like vegan, Paleo, etc) and nutrition, cooking from scratch. Chefs have to have very reliable transportation, a smart phone with a data plan, and experience using apps. They get to work mainly Mon-Fri, banker's hours, and get automatic overtime for optional evenings or weekends. We start part time at $15, and chef's schedules fill as new clients come in. It's ideal for someone cooking on a line nights and weekends who wants to transition to daytime, weekday hours. When our chefs hit full time, they get an automatic bump to $16 and earn benefits. We are growing quick, and more management positions will open up as we grow.

I'd love to check out your resume and see if you have the experience we require. We test all applicant's culinary knowledge and prepping/cooking skill. The St. Louis food scene in general is evolving quickly. 2015's Beard winner for Best Chef Midwest was from STL.
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