Limited ingredients for High Elevation/Gluten Free Baking

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OK, well it doesn't look like I'm going to be working for this little place at 7500 feet for a whole lot longer.

However, for my own edification I need to solve something. I've got pretty much everything down except the GF cupcakes/cakes are just...weird. They taste ok, just still not it.

The challenge: I'm limited to rice flour. Period. White rice flour and brown rice flour. That's pretty much it. The owner rests on her laurels as an "organic/vegetarian" place and relies on catering to the weird kind of retro-hippy types that live here. So she does absolute minimum that she can get away with. Personally it kind of offends me. Same with her eclectic New Mexico cafe menu.

I always have frozen blueberries, most of the time lemons, walnuts, maybe an apple on a day or two, lucky to have fresh peaches in the past couple of days, sometimes I get almonds and strawberries to work with and today was a treat with fresh raspberries. Few and far between. I am SO yawning at the lack of creativity needed here.

So, that said, how do I work with just rice flour to get a nice fluffy cupcake or cake?

I need help here guys. Just a reality check thing.



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