like to exchange culinary knowledge

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I introduce myself that I am Corporate Executive Chef of a leading resort chain in India, overseeing the Food and beverage operations of its seven resorts.

Also I am the Secretary General of the Indian Federation of Culiunary Associations, an umbrella society for all culinary professionals in India.

During the month of May 2003 I am planning to visit US, UK.

I am also one of the leading chefs in India and well versed in Indian cuisine, Due to sheer passion and love I enjoy cooking every cuisine. I have also done several Indian food demonstrations on board QE II With Culinary and other culinary schools , to know more about me see biography at

I am looking forward to meet some of the leading chefs in US , UK and Mexico

I would like to spread Global friendship, camaraderie among chefs from all kind of industry

Chef soundararajan
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Welcome, Chefsoundar!! You have definitely come to the right site to exchange information with other chefs and people from all over the world who LOVE to cook.

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Welcome chefsounder , so glad that you found our site . I really think you shall enjoy the food here in the US . I really expect you to enjoy all the different regional differences in our food . One of my personal favorites is the Mexican cuisine . Have a great journey and keep us posted on your tour . Douglas ...............
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Sounds like you have quite a bit of experience in Indian cuisine. About a month and a half ago, I was introducing Creole/Acadian and Latin American cuisine to my students and did some comparisons, anticipation guides, and group cook-offs. Various cultures really bring out interesting discussions! I understand curry and red peppers are one of the major spice exports? Where could I get a hold of some good Indian seasonings? Any companies on-line? Again welcome to the site!


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Welcome to Chef Talk Soundar!!

So glad you found us, there are many fans of Indian food here, your knowledge with be greatly appreciated.
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Chef Soundararajan, welcome. It is an honour as always to have someone of your experience on board. Your web site is impressive, and I especially appreciate your glossary.

When you have a chance, I hope you can tell us about the little birds pictured in the Chicken Derby Italienne....
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hello chef soundararajan

enjoyed visiting your excellent website & welcome to cheftalk cafe.
let me know if you line up any demonstrations in uk perhaps i can visit or help out . with 7 resortd to manage i expect your very busy so once again welcome & i know who to ask next time i get my masala spices in the pan.

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Please try
"Monsoon" when in Chicago, it's a couple of guys I knew in culinary school.
For a preview, try or

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