Lighting Options for Walk-Ins

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Hi first timer here trying to find the best light bulb for walk in coolers. The fixture is a regular socket fixture protected by a screw - on glass globe. The kind you normally find in a hood on the line. I am helping out a friend who bought a bar/restaurant and am trying to make the walk ins not such a scary place. I would like to switch to LED to save money and for the longer lifespan but not sure if the humid conditions would effect the LED bulbs. Changing fixtures is an option as well.

Anyone have any experience with this. Google was not a ton of help.
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LEDs will work fine. And actually walk-ins are not humid. Condensation maybe because the door is constantly being opened but the air is desert dry.
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LED lighting bothers my eyes; but in a walk in it shouldn't matter. I just had to change the bulb in our walk in and decided I wanted a brighter light so bought a 200 (?) watt bulb. What I didn't know then is that the fixture was only rated for 100 watts. In about 3 hours, the bulb had melted the plastic housing. Now we are dealing with a 100 watt bulb and a new glass housing and waiting for the electrician to come change the fixture ;) so that's a consideration - what the fixture is rated for, and maybe upgrading it if you need to.
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I agree, some LED lighting bothers my eyes too. I absolutely hate the bright blue-white ones. However there are LED screw-in replacements that can't be distinguished from incandescent. If listed on the package you want 3500-4000k (the color temperature) 5000k is the bright blue-white. As for relamping with a higher wattage than the fixture is designed for, incandescent generates lots of heat so, yeah, you are going to damage the fixture. But the nice thing about LED lighting is very little heat is generated. So you can put a LED bulb that is rated to give the light of a 200w incandescent in that fixture without worry.

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