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I have some company coming from England and arriving in Texas in the early evening.  I know that they will have been fed on the plane but I wanted to serve them something that's not too heavy but enough to let them unwind after a very long day and sleep well.  Anybody got some ideas?  Pasta Salad, veggies and dip????  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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After I travel I want to eat soup.  Chicken soup specifically but any would do well.  It should have a little pasta or rice in it to help settle the stomach and not be too creamy.  I would make a chicken noodle soup or augolemono with lots of chicken and veggies in it and serve with a simple salad and a crusty bread.  Fruit for dessert which will help rehydrate your guests deliciously.

Enjoy your company! 
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Yeah, I'm with Koukouvagia, long trips mean lots of crappy meals, close together.  Last thing you want is to arrive and your hosts have prepared a banquet.  You crave something good and fresh, or somethinhg comforting but light.  Soup is great.  I also recommend zuppa di scarola, because of its slight bitterness, it helps with digestion. 

Take a head or two of escarole (if you can find it), wash and cut up roughly, and add a carrot, celery and onion cut up in bite sized pieces, put in a big pot with water or chicken broth, and some salt and pepper, and cook till tender.  Cook rice on the side (like you would pasta, lots of boiling water with a handful of salt and one or two handfuls of rice per person.  

When they arrive, heat the soup, but leave the rice cold.  Put the rice in the bowls (a good amount) and ladle the soup on top, and then put 2 or 3 tbsp or more of parmigiano on top. 

Very refreshing, very comforting, and it tastes so healthy after all that airplane crap. 
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Thanks Koukouvagia and Siduri, soup sounds absolutely a matter of fact it was something that I had considered.  I have bones in the freezer and plenty of time so that's what I'm going to do.  I can also handle the crusty bread as I make bread all the time.  Oh, what a relief to have this little problem solved. 

Thank you so much again. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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