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Okay, just something I'm trying to figure out. What's up with fried onions ??, what I mean is, if you're selling hot dog's or burgers etc..., sales are usually mediocre until you start frying up the onions, and then the scent brings in people from miles around, so what is it about fried onions that people just can't resist ??


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You just answered your own question. The scent of frying onions is heavenly!!!! Who can resist that!:) :)
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haha coolj,

that reminds me of the times my mother told me stories about my grandmother who, when having company over, would put some onions on the stove and start them cooking. SHE KNEW, that it doesn't matter what you eventually serve people, first impression counts--if it appeals to your sense of smell (and most of the time onions do) then you'll get great compliments on your cooking--even if you only open a can. [of course grandma rarely ever opened a can, but knew very well who would appreciate it, if you know what i mean]

that always cracked me up about my grandma, she knew how people take great care in presenting themselves (albeit not usually a true representation), but the joke was on them...even if they did have the best leftovers they'd ever had, they never knew.

Now That Is A Good Cook.

thanks coolj for the memory jogger
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It's funny you should say that, Flash (about your grandmother, I mean). I have this horrid habit of collecting turn-of-the-century cookbooks. Invariably they always have a bit of "how to be a good housewife" lore somewhere - and in every single one of them you'll find the suggestion to fry onions just before the man of the house returns from work. Apparently you (the lady) are supposed to wash your face, redo you hair, put on a clean dress - and fry onions. Then your husband will come home, kiss you on the cheek, and tell you how great it is to come home to the smell of dinner cooking - even if you haven't done anything but fry onions.

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