Life in Pittsburgh for a youngster

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    Ok, allow me to be straight. When I return to the states in about 3 months time I am looking to possibly move to Pittsburgh to gain experience and really get my career moving. The major questions that I have are, how is the food and job market in Pittsburgh? I would also like to know, even though I know its not food related, tips and just overall advice that someone would give to a 24 year old doing this.  It time in my life to get the ball rolling and start to establish myself in fine-dining even at the level of prep cook. Everyone has to start somewhere.  Any advice would be appreciated. 
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    While I moved from the Pittsburgh area 10 years ago to Sweden I can tell you the food culture there is really diverse. Some of the best dinning is in private clubs, ie... Oakmont CC or the Duquane club but there are or were some wonderful restaurants too, ie Stone Manstion, Tambollinis, Ruth Chris. The was a pretty good night/ social life there and the South side was a cool place for a young single guy to live. If your into the outdoors thing then western pa is a good place for it. From downtown you can be in the woods in less than an hour for hiking, fishing, hunting and the such and the ski areas, while not Vail, are pretty good. If your into the re enactment kinda thing the SCA holds its annule Pensic War right up the road at coopers lake near New Castle. Also the cost of living us on the lower end, keeping in mind Im 10 years outta date there and living in Sweden skews my outlook on what is cheep since everything here cost an arm, leg and testicle. Feel free to ask anything specfic.
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    Our daughter and her family moved to Pittsburgh eight or nine years ago, and they all have loved every minute of it. It is a beautiful city - since they tore down the steel mills, you can breathe again - and we love to visit them every chance we get. There is a vibrant food/restaurant scene, and you should be able to find whatever kind of experience you are looking for.

    Go for it!