Liason Culinary or Flemming College

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Hello, I am finding it difficult to find any opinions on Liason College, I have the option to attend there or Flemming in Peterborough Ontario for their Culinary Managment program

I did the tour of Liason, seemed ok but I am hoping someone here with give up some better information please
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I can just tell you my personal experience with Liason.  I attended one of their info sessions and it was informative, we were able to watch a class and we had a mini tour.  My concern from the get go was that the dean seemed to me to be more of a salesman than an educator and that concerned me.  He promised that if we take the first level course he could get us a job as a line cook in any kitchen in Canada and went on to drop some big name hotels and restaurants.  That didn't sit well with me because... I had no formal training whatsoever and I had worked my way to where I was at the time.  I didn't care for my job at the time (nightshift in a hospital cafeteria) and I thought that if I went to school I could find something better.  I decided to save the $6K or whatever the course fee was and see if I could get into another kitchen and I did... I was hired on as a line cook for a new location (yes it is a chain) and I've been there since the opening and I was promoted to AKM last fall.  I'm still considering taking some classes at some point, but it is possible to land a culinary position and work your way up without ever having set foot in a culinary school.

I have had experience with Liason grads, and it has been mixed.  My KM is a Liason grad and he advises against going there.. his Chef-Instructor wasn't the best and most of the students in the class knew more than he did at times.  We hired a Liason grad last fall, and she did not work out at all... I don't think it was the college so much as it was the person but it did lead me to question their screening process.  It seemed to me that if we could pay up, we could get training there and I gues this person had the money, just not the passion or drive.  Two of our cooks are also Liason grads... one I think would make a good pub cook, but in casual breakfast dining, he has alot to learn about presentation and he is doing much better with his plates than he was when he was first hired he's an amazing closer and for most part a good worker.  The other is a new hire and from what I have seen with her I think she is going to do fine. Work ethic is spot on, presentation is good, she's a fast learner... excellent hire all around.  (and  I was the one who hired her so kudos to

I'm wary of private career colleges like Liason and all the other ones out there.  They are in it to make a profit and make promises that in the real world are just not realistic.  It's not just Liason but private career colleges in general.  My shift partner at the cafeteria went to a private career college to become a PSW and it's been two years since she graduated  and she is still working at the cafeteria with no signs of a new career anytime soon. 

If it were to me, I would go to Fleming.. it is a community college and while the course will be longer than that at Liason, I think you will come out of it with a better feel for the industry.
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