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Hi ya'll, I am a caterer and am interested in finding a site where I can access lg quanity receipes. can anyone help me?
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Hello cplizza, and welcome to Chef Talk.

I am moving your request because the Welcome Forum is not the best place to get an answer; it's only for introductions. I'm moving it to The Inside Scoop, where pros will see it and, hopefully, answer.

Please come back to the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself!

Again, welcome.

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My favorite free sites are:

www.epicurious.com (Bon Apetit and Gourmet magazines)
www.foodtv.com (Food Network)
www.emerils.com (Emeril Lagasse site)
www.allrecipes.com (less elaborate, but sometimes useful)
www.recipezaar.com (ditto)

I'm sure there's more, but all of the above have several thousand recipes and growing. I tend to stick with sites that I already trust the recipes from the original sources (like the first three mentioned). Plus I also rely heavily on user reviews of the recipes (epicurious, allrecipes and recipezaar).

And, of course, don't rule out the search engines. I just googled my way to a Paczki recipe, mainly looking for the official history.

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