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    I was cruising youtube the other day and saw this Japanese candy where you build your own candy hamburger.  It's this TINY little kit you can buy where you put a gummy piece of lettuce and tomato on some kind of candy burger meat.  The bun looks like it was made of fortune cookie material or maybe something closer to lady fingers??  It even comes with condiment packs like catchup and mustard......The candy looks like it is about the size of a nickle in diameter.

    I am currently working at a rest home and thought this would be a wonderful idea for the residents for an interactive desert.  Only problem is I need some molds!!  Specifically lettuce tomato and pickle.  I figure the burger should be bout half the size of a fist, so that's the size mold I'm looking to accommodate.

    Any ides where I could find something like this?  The only thing I've been able to find on the net is a one piece mold for cake decorations, at $5 a piece!  I need something that will make at least 9 per mold, but preferably more.