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Today is the last day of the open forum with Denise so lets give her a big thanks everyone.

On behalf of ChefTalk.com and Globalchefs.com I would like to say that I truly enjoyed having you visit with us. You are always welcome in the forums so please feel free to stop by anytime.
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Thank you so much for spending time with us. Your generosity with your time and knowledge is greatly appreciated. It was very interesting to see a different side of the business. I'm glad the forum stays up, though there weren't a ton of questions, your answers are so in depth they provide a lot of info that we can go back to and drink from the well often.
Thanks again and I do hope we see you again soon.

Best regards!:chef:
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Denise, as a home cook I found your responses very informative and your suggestions practical. Thank you so much for taking time to visit our community!

Warm regards,
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Denise, please stop by and say hi, when you have the time. It was fun to "meet " you, and learn about your line of work. Good luck, and thank you!
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Thank you so much for your wonderful questions, kind remarks, and all of the great information you have shared with me. This has really been such an enjoyable experience, and I will check in often with the forums!

I was unable to log on for part of today because here in southern New Hampshire we had a storm cell move through with 60 mph winds. We lost power while I was in the middle of testing a recipe (no lights -- or food processor!), and in any case I had to tend to a large tree on my property that had fallen in front of my neighbor's house, and an even larger tree that had fallen from a neighboring property into my back yard. So if by chance there are no more posts from me today, it will be that I have lost power again. Since that is a possibility, I'd like to say goodbye now. Jeremy and Nicko, I am so grateful to have had the chance to be in touch with so many interesting, informed, and curious people with whom I have so much in common. I hope that some of you will keep in touch through my website, www.TheCooksCook.com, and my email address, [email protected]. I will continue to log in at the forum today and answer the remaining questions -- as long as I continue to have power! I hope you all have a chance to see and use my book, Dinner for Eight: 40 Great Dinner Party Menus for Friends and Family. And if you have any questions or comments about the book or the recipes, please send them to me by email.

Again, thank you all so much for being so welcoming!!!

~ Denise
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I'd like to add my thank you as well. I'm sure I wasn't the only one following all the questions and answers, while not posting anything myself. But I'm still grateful for your the wisdom you shared with us.

thank you,
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