Lets talk Tea... (Favorite Blends and Recommendations)

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Soooooo, I have to admit, I loved tea... ok, maybe I mean a little obsessed, hahahahaha!

I don't drink Alcohol, and I've been trying to limit my coffee. Most Soda is Waaaaaay to sweet for me, and for the same reason, I tend to water my juices down as well.

Suffice to say, Tea is my go-to drink.

I think what I like the best, is the absolute huge variety that's available. No two kinds of tea taste quite the same, and there is a lot of potential for different mixes (not just with other teas!).

What are your Favorite blends and mixes. Or just standalone Teas? Why do you like them?

Feel free to leave some recommendations!

Morning Pick-me-up
2oz Coffee
4oz Bengal Spice (Celestial brand)
4oz whole milk
Sweeten to taste with Grade-A Maple Syrup.

I Think my favorite by far is a mix of Coffee, Milk and Bengal Spice from Celestial (probably one of their most popular blends). Its warm, spicy and juuuust the right amount of Caffeine to wake me up, but not make me crash. I like to add a bit of Grade-A (or B) Maple Syrup for flavor, but Bengal spice is naturally sweet, so should not need much at all.

Rooibos Black
4oz Rooibos Tea
3oz Black Cherry Juice
1 tablespoon Grade-A Maple Syrup.
1/3 teaspoon Chinese 5 Spices.

I normally don't like Rooibos Tea. Its too bitter and mediciny for me. But I finally found a good mix! Black Cherry juice really compliments the tea's smoother flavors, while not overpowering it like Apple or Cranberry might. A bit of Grade-A Maple Syrup also adds more sweetness and another level of flavor (You'll find its my Sweetener of choice for a lot of things, honestly.) The REAL star of the show here though, is surprisingly Chinese 5 Spices. A little bit easily masks Rooibos's natural mediciny bitterness, while bringing out the Earthy, grassy notes, instead of masking them like just straight up Cinnamon might do. Personally, I use about 1/3 teaspoon, but if you want to try this one for yourself, I recommend playing around with it and setting your own.
The Result is an Unbelievably Smooth and mellow tea that can't really be compared to anything else.
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Black tea drinker here.
No milk, no sugar.
I generally drink five roses tea.
No real choice here. There is hardly any loose tea available.
Won't drink rooibos though. To me it tastes/smells like scrapings from a forest floor!

Got a mixture of tea leaves as well. I got no idea which teas are in it. It's a mix my grandma drank, and my dad ordered from a tea shop. We grew up on it.
I found a couple forgotten packs in my dad's house last time I was there. I still like it ;)
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Myself I enjoy Jasmine Pearls from Sensational Teas, most Oolongs and Matchas as well.
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I have matcha every morning and I really feel it helps me focus. I love all oolong but my favorites have been Taiwanese high-mountain milk oolongs and high-mountain jade oolong, especially with ginseng :) as for bagged teas, I do enjoy the Yogi brand, especially Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy and Blueberry Slim Life. Tea is the best! Also a brand called Zest makes loose-leaf and bagged tea with a high caffeine content, I like that on long shifts to keep going.
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I don't know what should I call it. But you should try a blend with cinnamon, garlic, ginger in the morning. You won't regret!
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I just started to do tea again.. I am a coffee hound. I have found that I am still not sleeping at night. Goes back to my airport days when I was getting up a two am to get to work. I have been out of that life since 2015 and my body just can not make the change. I am drinking organic Chamomile now. Just started in the last couple of days. So will see. I purchased a good tea from a company called tealeaves. So will see...
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Getting a decent cup of Joe in the uk is like trying to get a proper cuppa char in the US.
PG tips for me, none of that perfumy stuff, and never let an unsupervised American make the brew.
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My go- to teas are Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice), Houjicha (roasted green tea), and Poricha (barley tea). However, when I'm at a Turkish restaurant, I'm a big fan of Turkish tea served from a Samovar
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My go-to is Yorkshire's hard water blend - it was nearly impossible to get in the states so I have my daughter "smuggle" me back boxes when she visits... tells me how it seems too cheap for a gift, but, well, yeah, just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it's no less loved.
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