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    Hi everyone!

    As Nicko sudgests, I believe the right thing to do is to introduce myself first. I believe this forum will be very useful for my career, so I might just post topics and questions regularly. I'm not a regular cook so I might as well tell a bit about myself.

    My name is Urban and I'm from Slovenia, Europe. I have always been a fan of all kinds of art. After about 10 years of trying to make it in music business, I came to a certain age, where I had to become financially secure (I'm 22 now). There's only one thing I can say I'm also very good at and that's cooking. To me it kind of reflects composing music where you can either complicate with complexity or make it simple. Like Miles Davis or Rolling Stones. 
    So since I refused to become a graduant (back then I believed music was all I needed) I don't have a formal culinary education. That of course didn't stop me from absorbing all the knowledge I could find about cooking.

    I sort of made it into a restaurant as a dish washer, but that didn't really suit me, so I kept sneaking out of the washroom trying to get to that stove while dishes were pilling up. My chef was kind enough to give me a chance and after two months, I became an independant chef in a restaurant with 40 tables. It's a mixture of classic and slightly more advanced dinning, but for my taste, not enough inovations and inspiriation.

    I'd love to jump out of our country for a few years some day, so I could develope further (the truth is, wienner schnitzels and fried calamari aren't exactly uplifting dishes to me) and basically what I'm searching for is a mentor of advant garde cooking. 

    I feel like I have what it takes to make a great chef, but what I don't have are the supplies (money, the right environment...). Also not having a culinary school makes it a bit tougher for me. 

    That should be enough to start with. You've met me, now let's meet you!

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    Welcome to Chef Talk urban.

    I’m sure that you’ve already found that the membership here is from all around the world, with skill levels varying from Professionals to Home Cooks and everything in between.

    Feel free to join in any conversation or start your own relevant thread.  You might want to utilize the Search bar at the top of the page, as many topics have been discussed previously.  The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are of note as well.  Should you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ, Tutorials or Community Guidelines, please feel free to post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Please stop by cheftalk.com at Face Book and Pinterest, cool stuff there too.  It's all about food and the sharing of it in all ways.  I hope to see you around the boards.  
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