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Okeydokey...you all have been very helpful with the Parmentier question...and I think we've all learned alot from that thread...a great discussion...

So I'm bringing you another question from the copy I have from last year's competition...I believe there's no right or wrong on this one either but I think it will bring about an interesting discussion....I'm positive I will be faced with a similar quandry this year and am curious if you all would approach in a manner similar to what the chefs and I are thinking might be the best way...

You are given one 4lb chicken. You are asked from this chicken to prepare:

1) 4 qts of chicken stock
2) 2 qts of consomme(made from the stock above)
3) Coq au Vin for 4

Again, looking at this from the competition point of view you are judged for each of these on technique, taste, creativity and presentation. To me the biggest dilemma is how to make the stock and consomme of excellent quality while still having enough left for Coq au Vin for 4.

you do have canned stock available to you as well...


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Perhaps the correct answer is, "For results of any decent quality, why would you want to?"

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well...actually that was part of what we decided might be a decent tactic! :lol explain to the technical delegates exactly why it wasn't possible with just the one chicken and explain in such a way to make it clear you understood the competencies requested and how to approach and execute them and that it just wasn't possible ot produce quality results...

but unfortunatley doubt it'll work...

i've read about clarifying stocks with just egg whites...but i'm thinking the stock will already somewhat lacking as you really on have the carcass and maybe te wings to use...the consomme will miss having the ground chicken for flavor if you leave that out....

maybe use the carcass with some canned stock to try and fortify the flavor of what would be your resulting stock....but who knows how the judges would look on that idea....

maybe it'll be different this year....but something similar apparently is on each year's competencies.....

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