Lets say you had the money to equip a new kitchen, what brand(s) would you buy.

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    I work in a church kitchen that has all commercial equipment, but is getting very hard to get thing cooked.

    I was asked yesterday if I was still using the equipment that was put in when the kitchen was built and hadn't been working well for the past few years and the answer was yes.

    I was told a person might be willing to donate enough to replace it and he give me a number that was way above what I would need.

    Here is what I would be looking to replace.

    Range with grill.

    Double oven stand alone.

    Deep fryer

    5 well steam table

    What we need is something that is long lasting and with less problems.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I worked in a Church kitchen like that for a while, a pretty big one.

    Appliances were  all NSF, (commercial) but like....1950's.

    So not only did they need replacing but all the gas and elec service needed remodeling/updating too.

    *shrugs* The best way to get instant reliability is to buy new. And stick to your name brands.

    With that in mind, though you didn't say how much is "way above what I would need"

    nor did you give any details of equipment, like gas vs elec etc etc, 

    just the appliances you listed if bought new would run about 12 grand.

    Give or take.

    Without installation.

    But IME, once you start renovating an outdated kitchen like that, there's a myriad other

    things that will pop up in need of monetary attention. So I suspect whatever that figure was,

    it may not be so far off as it sounds.
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