Let's chew a glass of wine...

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Source : Slow Food.com , the name of the author of the article was not available.

"Fancy some wine? Don't bother opening a bottle, forget about fiddly decanting and messy washing up of glasses. Just pull out a packet of gum and chew.

Thanks to a South Korean brewery, there's now a new way to quaff - chewable wine. A gelatin form of Paeksaejoo rice wine, the gum is already attracting international attention.

And while the gum is not yet on the market, Kooksoondang Brewery Co is hoping to time its release with this year's soccer world cup. So if the stadium bosses were expecting to have a tough time controlling alcohol brought to matches in conventional forms, digging out little packets of potent gum will surely prove a headache.

"You can trust our wines," says the banner head at Kooksoondang's website. And why not, considering their range of rice wines are produced using centuries old techniques? But the odd break from convention seems irresistible.

The company already makes bath wine, which is, according to the label, "quite a useful beauty tool". With beauty wine and chewy wine ticked off- we can't help wondering what's next… "


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This is right up there with the green ketchup and pink margarine.
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