let the challenge begin:)

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I am very happy that Nicko and Jer got together to solidify this forum.
To both of you , Thanks!!

So, What are your challenges?

What do you find the most difficult hurdle to jump as far as inspiration,hiring,training,education of the general population to food, the cost of food..how do you determan a fair days pay for your employees.

How does the "GLOBAL" world look upon the USA in regards to innovation,farming and quility of our foods and resourses.
I look forward to any and all replys, and hope we can develope a global "networking" envirement

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I find educating the general population about food my most difficult, but also most rewarding challenge. I do it through my Online Newsletter (the new one goes up tomorrow, by the by), through my Cooking Class Series, and through membership in the Slow Food Movement (jump to cooks corner at http://www.cheftalkcafe.com/cgi-loca...c&f=1&t=000301 to read about that - perhaps we need a Slow Food topic in here?)

About the fair wage thing, one way I do that is that my servers are paid a living wage to begin with, and all tips are pooled. Some find this a little difficult to get used to at first, but they soon learn that the money works out very well and sharing tips makes everyone cooperate and work as a team far better than the every-man-for-himself method.

Does anyone out there have any good team-building ideas? Inspirational methods? Burn-out prevention techniques?


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