Lentil Salad (With Caramelized Onion Rings)

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Ingredients :

1 glass = 200cc.water

To cook the lentils :
1 glass red lentil
2 glass water
2 table spoon liquid oil (preferably sunflower oil)
Salt (amount is up to you)

1 onion (big, cut in ½ cm thick rings)
1 tea spoon cummin
1 tea spoon red pepper powder (preferably sweet)
½ glass liquid oil (preferably sunflower oil)
1 lemon

Instructions :

1. Wash the lentils thoroughly to wash out its white water.
2. Put all of the ingredients which take place at the “Ingredients – To cook the lentils” part in the pressure cooker, and boil at high temperature. Upon boiling, at low or medium heat level which is just enough to keep the pressure constant, cook the lentils for 10 minutes exactly, nomore, no less.
3. As soon as you open the pressure cooker, stir the lentil paste inside when it’s still hot with a serving spoon, and take in the service plate.
4. Caramelize the onion rings in ½ glass of oil, and after taking from the fire, add the spices.
5. Pour the lemon juice over the lentil puree in the plate.
6. Pour the caramelized spicy onions over the lentil puree and spread.
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Tips :

1. If you cook the lentils in the pressure cooker for another 5 minutes more, you slightly burn the bottom, and this is such a great taste that you can sit and eat as it is.
2. The 10-minute timing for cooking the lentils starts after the pressure cooker gets first to the high pressure level.
3. If you change the lentil/water proportion, you may experience a bad surprise; this proportion is important.
4. The cooked lentil has an inclination to get harden. Therefore if you stir it as soon as opening the lid of the pressure cooker, and pour in a service plate and spread, it gets hardened there in a decent shape.
5. You may arrange the amount of oil you use in caramelizing the onions; the ones who do not like oil much, may decrease the amount.
6. To serve with lemon is a personal choice. You may serve without lemon as well.
7. Though sunflower oil is prefered for its light taste, despite it will be cooked, still olive oil is another choice with its benefits for health.
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