Lentil Balls

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(from the local cuisine of Southerns in Turkey)

Ingredients :

1 glass = 200cc.water

(To cook the lentils) :
2 glasses of red lentil
4 glasses of water
2 tablespoon liquid oil (preferably sunflower oil)

1 glass of fine-grained “bulgur” (or cracked wheat)
2 big onions (chopped)
½ to 1 glass of liquid oil
2 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tablespoon red pepper paste (not hot pepper!)

chopped parsley (a handful)
chopped mint (a handful)

1 teaspoon black pepper
1 to 2 dessertspoon cummin
1-2 teaspoon salt

Instructions :

1. Wash the lentils thoroughly to wash out its white water, and put in a pressure cooker with 4 glasses of water and 2 tablespoonful liquid oil.
2. Upon boiling, cook it for 10 minutes at medium heat, no more, no less.
3. After opening the lid, immediately put in the bulgur and stir thoroughly to get all of the bulgurs mixed with the lentil puree. Close the lid back and keep it aside for an hour (don't try to cool). Inside, the bulgurs will swell with the juice of liquidized lentils and the whole will turn to a lentil-bulgur paste.

4. Put the chopped onions in a pot with the ½ to 1 glass of liquid oil and by stirring with a spoon, cook them for 10 minutes.
5. Put over it the tomato and red pepper pastes and mixing them all, cook 1 more minute, take from the oven.

*You can keep the ingredients at this point for hours before the last stage ; preparation of the lentil balls.

Last stage : Preparation of the lentil balls

6. Put the lentil paste (it gets hardened in time, so you will have to scramble back) and hot, oily, red onions in a wide, deep pot. Put over them the spices and mix them very well. They should turn to a sticky thing, so that you can make balls). Put the chopped parsley and mints, make the last arrangements of spices and mix again thoroughly once again.
7. Get 1-2 walnut-big pieces from the whole, roll in your hands (with gloves) and give a shape of either a ball or a thick stick.. or whatever you like.
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Tips & Details :

1. Bulgur is pronounced somewhat like “bull – ghur”.

2. It may be sold in markets with its original name, “bulgur”, or cracked wheat. The fine-grained quality is named also “bulgur for meatballs”, for its the proper form of bulgur to use in meatballs.

3. Out of lentil and bulgur proportion, all of the amounts can be arranged as you like, but onion and cummin should not be in little amounts for they fit very well to lentil and bulgur.

4. To be able to give shape in your hands to something sticky and to avoid it to stick on your hands, you will need a little cup of water to wet your hands slightly every now and then.

5. If you find the amount of onion too much, here is the thing ; the taste of onion gives the lentil balls a sweet taste.. its totally up to you to put little or much. You can put every ingredient little by little, and by tasting the result, you may catch the taste you like the most.

6. If you put oil a lot, besides health concerns, because it gets the substance softened, you may not be able to keep the balls in shape.

7. To boil the lentil with a little amount of oil helps it to turn into a lentil paste easily, so we put some oil in the pressure cooker.

8. The liquid oil is preferably sunflower oil, for its lighter taste, but olive oil is more health.
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they sound good, wish I could make em but my wife couldn't eat them. i am curious though, do you then bake the rolled paste or fry them in a pan or something? other wise it would seem to be a porridge type of meal.
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Gunnar hi, thank you for your comment :) it is not porridge since it is too stiff to be porridge (of course if you do not use excess amounts especially in water, oil and onion). It is just like a meatball, but un-fried and ingredients are cooked in earlier stage .. lets say so.. I dont process more over what I mention in the recipe.. no frying or baking.. this is more healthy..

By the way, lettuce, tomato, green pepper are good accompanies of this food..

Maybe your wife will love as well :) once I remember there was a food I hated a lot.. for years I didnt even put in my mouth.. and someday an elder, but with a very sincere feeling, said "Darling taste this once.. it is reaaaalllyy great :)".. that was the very first time I could perceive that food as possibly a good thing ! Please dont misunderstand me, I dont mean my recipe.. but this is a perception question.. I meant that..

I consider to put its pictures as well.. in near future :)

See you..
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Thanks for the reply.

As to my wife. She has Issues with certain foods. For instance she is gluten intolerant and then she has this weird thing about peppers and chilies. Bell peppers, jalapenos, peppercini. seem to inflame her tongue , much in the way some people say tomatoes do. however she can handle thai food, up to medium heats anyway and does do ok with some mexican dishes. So unless I just make certain things for me (it happens rarely) I have a picky eater to contend with.
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