Lemon herb roasted chicken

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by bachoff17, Jun 15, 2004.

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    I am looking for the recipe for the cheesecake factory's lemon-herb roasted chicken, i think it has some kind of balsamic in the sauce. if anyone has anything similar please let me know.
    thank you :)
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    Dont know about the cheescake factory but heres a good un.

    Corn fed FREERANGE local chicken please....
    Make a herb butter from a selection of garden herbs,butter, work till soft...gently trim away the popes hat & using your fingers gently lift the skin & push the herb butter all over the breasts & down oaround the legs n thighs...this is tricky bit go gently & you wont tear the skin.
    Slice in half 2 or 3 unwaxed lemons n stuff up the birds bum with a couple of shallots.....thoroughly salt n pepper n place on a rack in a roasting tin...put a glass of wine in the tin n cover the whole thing with foil...Slow roast until 30 mins before done...remove foil & turn up oven to crisp the skin. Remove bird to rest. Skim fat from tray & deglaze...add balsamic if you want but also the lemon n shallots from inside the bird..bring to boil n reduce...this is your sauce..Its my favourite roast chicken method.