lemon curd

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Due to dietary restrictions, I cant use sugar or butter. If its the only game in town I can live with subbing honey or brown rice syrup for the sugar, and soy margarine for the butter. Question is~
will the chemistry of the recipe work with the liquid sweetener?
If so...do I follow (what I was told was) the standard substitution of 1/2 part liquid to 1 part sugar (aka if the recipe calls for 1c sugar...use 1/2c honey or whatever).
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Actually I think the substitution is a little higher. Liquid sugar weight multiplied by .8 equals the dry sugar weight, so I guess you'd have to divide to go the other way. Then subtract the dry sugar weight from the liquid sugar weight to find out how much liquid to add to balance a formula, not so important in a curd. And since it's the eggs that do the thickening, I don't know why this wouldn't work.
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I'm curious...what kind of dietary restrictions where you can't have sugar but can have honey?

Just sticking my nose in.....:D
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