Lemme try this again.....

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O.K., so I introduced myself earlier and then ran into problems trying to get back on to post some messages and ?'s under the name soup138...i dunno about these pc's yet, im much better with a french knive in my hands! :confused: Anyway, I look forward to any insight I can gain from everyone here, assuming I can figure out this bucket of microchips.

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Hi Paisan! Glad you persisted and posted again. If you need help, you can ask any moderator (including me) to help you learn the board's idiosyncracies. We'd hate to have the technology get in the way of your participation in the best culinary community on the web!

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Welcome Paisan, nice to have you here! As Mezzaluna told you don't hesitate to ask anything. In case you are an late bird try me since I live 7 hours away from you :D
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Actually Athenaeus, I am a bit of a nightowl....so you just might be running into me..... Thanks for the welcome everyone! As far as food goes...im mostly interested in regional Italian cuisine, but im also into regional american, chinese, thai, and meditteranian. Im always up for something new as well!

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Hi paisan!
Apart from any consideration about oil and water;) if I can help you with anything about italian cooking (references, recipes and so on) please ask! Being a nightowl, you'd also run into me since I live only 1 hour less than Athenaeus away from you (hope I'm correct...)


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