leg of lamb

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Thinking of doing a lol with the rotisserie on the grill. Anybody done this? Or suggestions for rub or spices. Thinking of basting with a homemade spicy red pepper jelly infused with mint. Very open to suggestions.tia Oh yea, of course I'll be studding it with garlic.
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Disclaimer: I have never done anything like that. But that won't stop me from answering. :D

To be honest, I wouldn't do very much at all to the lamb. It's got such great flavor on its own! Of course garlic never hurts (and maybe a little, just a little, rosemary too). Is your grill the kind that you can cover so it smokes, too? Now THAT would be spectacular. But I would cook it naked (the lamb, not me. And not you either, Panini! :blush: ) and have the red pepper jelly on the side. Personally, I hate mint with lamb. :( But then I'm not invited. :cry:

Is this for Easter? What else are you serving?
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Yes.Easter. Just a little get together for the inlaws early AM. They don't really have a great appreciation for food. I was thinking mixed grill, for most won't like lamb. Chix,pork loin and lamb. Cold salads.I don't really want to fire up the smoker. The grill has one of those inferred things. Figured I do the lol early and the grill when they come. Don't really want to cook anything inside. Should be nice out.
I'll consider the naked thing. I was just thinking I could glaze it with something. I agree on the mint. I've got plenty of rosemary in the yard.
I've got a great source for lamb tenders but I want to save those for a foodie cookout.
Hey!Suzanne, thinking Australian cookout this summer, lamb tenders,wine,beer etc. Pool,golf,classic cars etc. Can you guys make it? Stay at the house.
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Nice Shelby ( I think)

Leg of lamb can be enjoyed many different ways.

Like Suzanne said, a bit of garlic and rosemary is a wonderful way to highten the flavor of your roast. If you lean towards the mint direction (middle east) a painting of plain yogurt with mint and your homemade pepper jelly,garlic and lemon zest on the inner (bone side) would be nice, The yogurt will tenderize the meat naturally and the mint and lemon zest will give a bit of depth.

If you are buying a piece of choice meat,butterfly it and remove the very tough back strap bullet behind the knee and use it as a foundation for a sauce. Pound the leg to even the meat,add some sliced shallots,chopped parsley,slivered garlic and black pepper and let macarate over night. When you are going to spit roast the leg,season with kosher salt inside then roll and tie.

Make sure your fire has formed a even,deep heat without clear climbing flames. Like Suzanne said,if you can cover your roast all the better,but not for smoking ( I don't know many smoked lamb items)but to introduce convection heat.

Spit roasted lamb is a sweet and tender experience.
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here are some lamb ideas..

1 C olive oil
1 C juice -- 1/2 orange 1/2 lemon
3 cloves garlic..chopped with some salt
1/2 bunch thyme..chopped
mix all and marinate lamb several hours.

1 part ground allspice
2 parts ground cumin
3 parts ground corriander
toast spices and mix with some olive oil and some orange zest...and rub over lamb.

Puree some roasted garlic with some olive oil and with a little anchovy and rub over lamb.. this is good for smaller cuts of meat.. season all recipes with salt and pepper before grilling etc..

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great suggestions. thanks.
CC Just pulled that picture of the icon library.
Friend has on though, me, 66 merc. comet cyclone gt, 74 Jensen Healey. You all are invited this summer. We usually make a run to to the local drive up
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I spent a lot of terrified hours on Sunday afternoons cowering in the back seat of a gold 66 Comet Cyclone GT 390 as a deranged friend of mine would stand on the gas pedal, light the tires, leaving rubber hundreds of feet long, fishtail sideways, straighten out and hit 135 mph on suburban roads. That car could scoot. His father was a State Cop!
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Make a paste of kosher salt, fresh basil, fresh rosemary, olive oil and garlic. Smack down the biggest lumps in the butterflied lamb until it's roughly an even thickness (like 2 inches). Rub the paste on both sides, roll it back up, bag and let sit in the fridge overnight.

Pull it out an hour before you light the fire. Put the lit briquettes on one side of the grill. Sear the lamb on both sides till a crust forms. Then pull the meat off the hot side to the cooler side (without coals underneath it) and put the lid on the kettle.

About 20 minutes to medium rare. I like it with a yogurt-cumin-honey sauce.


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I have always found the classic Greek method to yield the best that being slice several cloves of garlic into small slivers and cut small slits into the meet and insert the garlic. Marinate the leg in a mixture of red wine and garlic. When you are ready to roast the leg season it generously with salt (kosher) and black pepper. As it is roasting baste it with a mixture of good olive oil, Greek oregano, salt, pepper and fresh squeeze lemon. You can use the half of a lemon and stick it with a fork and use it to baste the lamb. If you do roast it on a spit be sure to spread the coals and keep them hot. In the center create a well and place some heavy gauge aluminum foil and you can cook your potoatoes here and let the juices of the lamb drop into the potatoes.

This is how my family has always prepared lamb. Usually though if we are doing it on a spit it is the entire lamb, not just the leg. Too much work just for the leg.

Hope that helps.
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Nicko, a fond childhood memory is of our Greek neighbors roasting a whole lamb for Easter. I remember it thoroughly coated with rosemary, oregano and basil.

I hope you got to enjoy one this year!


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I did forget to mention that the cavity of the lamb was seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper, and lemon.
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To everyone,
Thank you all for the responces. I almost nixed the idea of grilled lamb for all the negetive responces from the inlaws.
I went with live-to-cook and butchered like CC. fresh rosemary,basil,garlic,pink and black pepper,olive oil,coarse sea salt, Sid stuff. When they looked at the grill and saw the pork tenders, chix etc. the lamb had taken a green hue from the herbs and there we a couple of yuks.
18 people, much mixed grill and two legs. Not one piece of lamb left. Thank you again. BTW I don't have the patience for the kettle and coal. Have one of the easy bake grills.

Big hat, I would love to recreate one of those Sunday afternoons for ya. I've had it burried on an old FM road. Little squerrly with the old thin red lines. I've got it on ebay now, have unload some of my toys for room. New house smaller garage.Check it out
2411250776. I've had the reserve bid here locally. I will shed a little tear to see her go. Hey maybe you need a toy LOL
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