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Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by miaheat, Apr 5, 2012.

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    So im looking to get a few new knives, I really wanna pick up some fujiwara stainless but the have a 70/30 bevel for right hand use and im a lefty. I did not see a left hand option either. My question is can the bevel be easily change to 50/50 or something favoring left hand. If not any left recommendations at a similar price point im looking for a suji and gyoto.
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    You can move the bevel from right bias to neutral or lefty on almost any "western" style knife.  That expressly includes Fujiwaras. 

    Fujiwaras are very nice entry-level knives, but they're not the only game in town -- not even at the price.  For instance, if you don't absolutely need a bolster, you might want to take a look at the Richmond Artifex (which uses AEB-L -- a "better" blade alloy -- costs less, and is American made).   

    Unless you're really bothered by the right-handed bias, I suggest moving the edge from one side to the other very slowly over repeated sharpenings, so as not to waste too much blade.

    Being able to do things like alter bias is one of the many reasons being or having a good sharpener is so important to cooking.  Like good hot pan technique, it expands the universe wonderfully.

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    The real question is do you have the tools/skill/time to accomplish a change of bias or will you have to pay some one else to do it? If the knife you are looking at does not offer what you want you may be better served by choosing another brand or knife that comes in a left hand version. The other option is to buy from a vendor that can have that service done for you.

    In a similar price point I would suggest looking at JCK  and the Kagayaki or "original" series. Just email Koki and ask for the cost of changing the knives for a South Paw (They do good work) or perhaps consider the Suisin or Togiharu line at Korin. Korin usually has 15% off twice a year so if your not in a urgent need for new knives I would wait until June/July if you go that route. Just remember left handed knives cost more so factor that when you are looking at price points. Koki has excellent English and I've never had a problem ordering from him.

    Depending on what you want you could also order factory direct from the company making those knives in the US.