Leftover potatoes

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I have a ton of leftover roasted potatoes. They were roasted with olive oil and herbs. Besides making them into hash what else can I do?


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Part of a savory pie or empanada filling. Add to a soup. Dress with some balsamic vinegar and maybe some more oil and herbs as a potato salad. Mash together coarsely, maybe with a little flour and egg. Form into paitties and pan fry.

If they're not too oily, a base for gnocchi or kartoffel kloesse
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Potato and cheese soup.

Roasted potato in cheese sauce.

Nicoise salad.

Cornish pasty.

... but phatch's potato patty suggestion brings back very fond childhood memories!
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I was thinking along the lines of a loose adaption of rocoto relleno. It is a Peruvian stuffed pepper dish. A rocoto pepper (spicy pepper about the size of a plum) is stuffed with a mixture of chopped or diced beef and pork, olives, raisins, spices and herbs, etc etc topped with queso and baked in an egg and milk sauce.

Sub 1/2 or all of the meat with potatoes. Odds are you won't find a rocoto, but you can sub other peppers, the only drawback being the sub may not have the initial "fire-in- the mouth" taste of the rocoto, but you can recreate this even with bell peppers by brushing the outsides and or insides of the peppers with habanero juice or a purchased habanero sauce.
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Potato salad comes to mind, especially if you made hard boiled eggs for Easter and have some left...

Sliced and fried in bacon fat with bacon and eggs over easy for breakfast...

Mash them with a little milk then add some raw egg until they form a fluffy mixture then drop into a pan with 1/4 inch of hot oil and flatten and fry for potato pancakes. Some grated onion goes good in this too. This is also one way I use up mashed potatoes that are leftover.

Potato frittata would be another good use with egg and bacon.

Potatoes have so many uses... let your imagination kick in!
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Have you tried making a potato casserole? You totally should try this one out, it's delcious! Especially baked potatoes! Really love those. I can highly recommend them to you. (I get a little too enthusiastic when talking about baked potato casseroles haha)
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Thanks all, we ate up most of our leftover potatoes this week.  I made little hash patties with grated onion.  I also made a potato casserole with some leftover kielbasa, pepper and onions. Very good, but I think I've had enough of potatoes for a while lol.
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