Leftover meat from broths, demi glosse, and other sauces and soups

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Lots of recipes call for meat to be used in sauces and soups (by which, I mean broth, stock, consomme, etc.), but this wastes a lot of meat unless you're using freezer burnt or left over scraps. 

So, what do you do with cooked out meat? Or do you not cook it completely out and use it in something else?
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I think she's asking what you can use the meat for after you've used it to make stock.
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The easy answer is no. By the time the stock, broth, etc is done, The meat and any vegetables have given all they have to give. It wouldn't be unsafe to eat, but it would be nasty. Good compost.

And you don't want to use freezer burnt stuff. If you wouldn't eat it as is, you don't want it in your stock.
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