Lee's Pajama Party

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by mezzaluna, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Okay, there's another winner here. Greasy, cereal-crusted chicken tenders, corned beef hash with green and sweet red bell peppers (she said to remove the seeds because they're HOT), globby tater tot casserole with tons of cheese, and poached eggs (they looked fine- surprise).

    I know we're hitting her pretty hard, but I just can't believe my eyes with this one. The processed food industry must be bankrolling this show. :rolleyes:
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    What got me was her reference to not wanting kids to each too much ketchup! Why? So she puts honey in it. YUK! There was no attemp (never is) to go easy on sugar or salt in anything she made, so what's the problem if the poor kids try to make her slop a little more edible by using lots of ketchup?

    I don't know any child that would eat that hash with the poached eggs. Most kid's would go EWWW and beg for a bowl of cereal.

    Speaking of the eggs, she tried to sound intelligent by saying "put some white vinegar in the water, not wine vinegar." The she puts the eggs in rings. You don't need the vinegar if you're using rings, you moron!

    Did anyone notice how everything on the show had to match her pajamas? Everything was light blue and yellow. The stuff in the kitchen, the bedroom, the little girl's jammies and even the mah jong board SLop probably forced the kid to make just so it would match. This show gets loopier each week! :eek: :mad: