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Hey chefs! Next year, I will be a student in Keizer Culinair chef school in my home country. My dream is to become a famous cook and do TV programs like Gordon and Jamie Oliver. Last year, I visited Lebanon with a friend. Even though I only stayed there for a couple of days, I still remember the food. It was amazing. I want to practice a bit before I start culinary school! I would like to learn and make some experiments with cooking Lebanese cuisine mixed with European cuisine.

I am planning on learning to cook authentic Lebanese food from natives later this week, looking forward to this very much! Arabic friends of mine have an iptv box called easybox tv to watch Arabic channels. There are many cooking channels that do Arabic and Lebanese food! I am a(n almost-) student with a small budget but I am ready to buy this box if it makes me better in cooking. I want to get ahead of the other chefs-to-be so I can easily get through school. Does anyone have advice on how to get better in cooking Lebanese food? Or TV programs you really like that I can watch for ideas? Thank you!


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Phaidon has a pretty extensive Lebanese cookbook. I like it pretty well. I'd have liked more discussion about the cuisine in general, about structuring a meal and so on in the Lebanese style. The recipes I've tried have been good and I've found Phaidon to do a good job with their line of country specfic cookbooks. 


Widely available on line in English at least. 

It's also the only dedicated Lebanese cookbook I have. There are a few others I have that cover Lebanese cuisine as a small part of the book as  a whole. So I don't have a lot to compare it against.
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I agree with phatch, the Phaidon cookbook is amazing. I have not come across a better alternative and believe me- I own A LOT of cookbooks! Also, slightly offtopic but about the iptv box, do you like it? I have been thinking of replacing my regular TV contract with an iptv box, would love to hear more about it!
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An acquaintance of mine is of Lebanese descent and she authored a cookbook "Rosewater and Orange Blossoms" Her name is Maureen Abood.

The recipes are about as authentic as you can get. I cooked along side her when she was a guest here at work. She is amazing.

Check her out.
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I'm not familiar with the Phaidon book, but I got the Maureen Abood cookbook from the library and liked it so well that I decided I needed to buy my own. I've been very happy with everything I've made from it. 
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