leaving the safe comfortable career in order to pursue a dream

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    I met a man a short time ago. He was experienced and versed as well as passionate about his career. He was a sous chef at a restraunt in charleston who procured a position as a head chef at a restaraunt in jacksonville florida...he is succesfull, knowledgable and a well versed chef who who has connections to corton..which is chef micheal liebrandts restraunt...an insane but divinely inspired chef that follows his passion regardless of criticism or opinion...which is clearly expressed in, " a matter of taste". He also worked with david chang at momofuku, ko which was a two star michelin establishment. To get to the point i am young guy with plenty of raw talent and an extreme desire for creativity..which is unfulfilled in his current position...i work for a high end grocer on the east coast. All of the sudden it seems i have this insane desire to cook and release my creativity through food...i have a safe and predictable career ahead of me in the grocery business but it ill affords me the oppurtunity to be creative and ultimately control my vision...i would love some feedback...i am confused and am scared which is perfectly natural but would like some experience that could possibly mirrror the same confusion as mine...i feel like its what i have to do...but jumping a safe stable career can be scary...any advice...be honest i hate bush beaters, they piss me off. Thanks!
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    Aloha, Welcome Alex to Chef Talk.

    Well, that’s a mouthful! 

    I think that you’ll get a few opinions from several members, both Professionals and Home Cooks.  Me, I say good for it dude!  I’m a tough old bird, and I can tell you, you don’t want to look back years from now and say, dang I should have…

    Take a look around CT, if you have questions, PM one of us Mods.

    The Articles, Galleries and Reviews are fantastic!  A note about the three Pro Forums, they’re read only for us folks not employed in the industry.

    As to your path, that’s up to you.  Take a deep breath, and GO!