Leaving on vacation and don't have to cook for 8 days......

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Huzzah Huzzah......I leave Sunday for vacation and don't have to cook. Destination Milwaukee/Chicago. Going to the restaurant show. I haven't been anywhere for over a year. Last year I was in Seattle to visit my niece and ended up teaching her how to pin bone and skin a side of salmon that we had gotten at the market.

I am going to eat out all my meals and create a blog for personal satisfaction. I am looking forward to seeing different places and keeping an open mind. (yeah right....)

I have eaten at some pretty expensive places before so I decided not to go to that extreme this time around. I'm taking my sis out for her birthday to the supposedly best prime rib restaurant in town....(we'll see)

I haven't been to the restaurant show in a few years and am looking forward to seeing a few friends and perhaps catch something new.

vacation countdown at 3 days.......
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Can you recommend any restaurants in the Chicago area? We're planning on going there ourselves.

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