LEAVENED DOUGH (a base for many doughworks)

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    Ingredients :

    3 glasses of milk (1 glass = 200ml)
    1 glass of liquid oil (preferably sunflower oil)
    xx glasses of flour (enough to make an earlobe-soft dough)
    1 pack of fresh yeast (42gr.)
    2 tablespoonful sugar
    1-2 dessertspoonful salt (if dough is planned to be used in salty products)

    Instructions :

    Preparation of the leaven :

    1. Get a little pot with lid. Put ½ glass of milk and 2 tablespoonful sugar, by stirring get the milk lukewarm on the oven and melt the sugar inside.
    2. Put the fresh yeast and either with a spoon or your hand (with glove) melt it as well.
    3. Put a 2-3 of spoonful flour, mix again with the liquidized yeast and gain a very slushy dough.
    4. Putting a lot of flour over this slushy dough, make a little flour-dome and put the lid on the pot.
    5. When you open the lid back approximately 5 minutes later, you will find the flour-dome broken with the pressure of raised yeast below.

    You prepared the leaven.

    Preparation of the dough :

    1. Put 2.5 glasses of milk, 1 glass of sunflower oil, salt and the prepared leaven and mix them altogether. Put the flour to make an earlobe-soft dough and knead.
    2. Wait for it to raise.

    You prepared the dough.