Leather worker seeks advice for making chef knife bag/case

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by lucecush, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Hi all thanks in advance for any responses

    Long story short the man is a chef and I'm a leather worker and after realising how impossible it is to sneakily buy him knives I've decided to try and create him the ultimate chef knife bag/case.

    My idea is to try and have interchangeable inner 'roll up pouches' for individual 'sets' of knives (eg butchering, pastry work) and then a 'general' knife pouch for his most used ones which he'd take with him daily.

    My main question is what are the knives that would go in these sets. I have attempted a few google searches and I find myself even more confused (I can't even boil water here folks)
    Ideally I would need a number of knives/pouches
    And if anyone could give me a rough guess of width for small, medium, large, cleaver, sharpener sizes that would be amazing!

    Lastly I'd love your general opinion on the project. I've seen some great examples on Pinterest and have seen the 'current market' for chef cases but wanted to make his totally unique.
    Am I being totally crazy doing this? Do you think it's something that a chef might like? I would love to just nab the knives he has atm but I know he wants to build up a complete collection (he's so passionate about his craft like most of you chefs are and I just want to do something to 'help him on his way' a bit).

    Thanks again guys please don't be totally heartless if you think it's a bad idea :( would love to hear as much feedback as you can and hope you think it's a good plan!