Leafy Greens

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I'm looking to put more leafy greens into my diet. I would like some suggestions, perhaps your favorite recipes.
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I love rainbow chard, escorole,frisse, beet greens, collards almost all firm bitter green's

I usaully render some bacon lardons, with onions, garlic and red pepper flakes, toss in the greens and let them wilt, hit them with some S&P,vinager and chicken stock and simmer till tender.

Also broccoli raab tossed with garlic, white anchovies and pepper flakes on crostini
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One of my favorite types of vegetables! I usually just steam the tender ones (spinach, swiss chard, escarole, etc.) in the water that clings to them after washing, or add a little olive oil, a lot of chopped garlic, and a pinch of nutmeg to the pot. The hardy ones (kale, collards, dandelions) I usually do "modified Southern style" -- stew them with chopped onion and smoked turkey (instead of ham hocks).

There are SO many thing you can do with them -- spinach sauteed with raisins and pine nuts jumps to mind. But I love them done simply, so that you really taste their essence.

Once cooked, they can be combined with pasta and/or beans for a main course -- about as quick, easy, and healthy as you can imagine.
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I saute onions and apple in butter till the onions are clear and add my chard. When the chard is wilted I finish with caraway seed, a dash of lemon juice or vinegar, S+P. When I serve wilted greens at the restaurant, my customers are pleasantly surprised.
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Baby spinach is one of my faves - did some orzo last night, threw in sauteed onion/garlic/crushed red pepper, and when it was done, threw in lemon rind and baby spinach, folded it in, and let the spinach steam off heat. Salt/pepper, and yum!

I think kale is a much maligned green, and I adore it! I love it sauteed, but my fave is colcannon, an Irish mashed potato/kale dish; make yer mashed and butter and season them, sautee then steam the kale down, mix together with the potatoes, dot with butter, put in a gratin dish and cook til top is slightly browned. This is a great way to get the kiddies to eat it, also!!

Also love the Japanese spinach roll; steam spinach, cool and add shoyu, ginger, a tiny bit of rice wine vinegar and sugar. Let sit a minute or two, and drain well. On a bamboo sushi mat, place a piece of saran wrap, then lay the spinach down on top of that, roll up, take off the bamboo, make sure the edges of the saran wrap are sealed, and chill in fridge. Cut with a very sharp knife into 'sushi'sized pieces.

Spinach or chard and potato tacos _ this is very traditional; cook cubed potatoes (I don't care if they're parmentiered or not!;) ), and sautee spinach/chard til it's wilted, with some garlic and onion and jalepano. Season potatoes with chipotle powder, salt/pepper, a little oil. On a soft taco, spread some spinach, then a pile of potatoes, and top with sour cream and salsa, if desired. I like to use a tomatillo salse, or salsa verde, with this.
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Mmmm! Broccoli di Rabe is a favorite. I also like to bake cabbage. I cut it in half then slice it in thick semicircles and lay it in a pan filmed with olive oil. Then I sprinkle my favorite vinaigrette over it, cover tightly and bake at 400 for... oh, 40 minutes or so. I uncover it the last few minutes to brown it. It's good hot or cold. (My thanks to a Lynne from another board for this method!)
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