le creuset or lodge enamel Dutch Oven

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Hello I am in the market for a Dutch oven. I am leaning between two brands le creuset or lodge enameled. From my understanding they are both enameled but the lodge is a 1/3 of the price. My wife is convinced that seasoning is disgusting b/c it is like cooking with old food. Is creuset easy to clean as a lodge enameled without seasoning?

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I use the Lodge enameled D.O. myself, and love it. Cleanup is a breeze ...it is also recommended by Cooks Illustrated. $49 compared to $249 for the Le Cruset
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I have both the enameled Lodge 6 qt. and LC 7.5 qt. dutch oven. I use the Lodge more often because I am fearful to scuff the Le Creuset. IMO, I see no difference in the way they cook.
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I have an enameled Lodge dutch oven and it works great ... granted the Le Creuset is much prettier but I think I would rather scuff up a lodge (much cheaper and by all accounts the same)

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