Le Cordon Blru Pasadena Calif

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our father paid thousands of dollars for us to enroll and go to school here however we got sick and we was wrongfully expelled and our father demanded his money back they refused we was to graduate next yr in july now i am going to search for another culinary school and finish my classes however my upset twin brother is going back to acting school we feel as if we was lied to and told things that never came true by this school we are ashamed to have gone here
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Sorry to hear that. Its a shame you didnt find
this forum before you enrolled, you might have
been better informed.
For what its worth, welcome to Cheftalk.
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your misfortune resulting from the demise of the school. Please consider using punctuation and capitalization, though... It makes messages more readable and may make you seem more intelligent.
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