Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando?

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Hi there!  I am seriously considering culinary school in Orlando... I love food, love to cook and try new things.  I am always trying a new recipe or technique that I find...  Many times I mess it up (Youtube isn't always as clear as I'd like it to be, haah!) I  have been out of school for several years, so it obviously wouldn't be straight from high school, haha.  Wondering who out there has gone/is going there? I'd love any inside information anyone has - I have talked to someone from the school, but would really like the opinion of anyone who is not on staff and has to tell me the good stuff, lol!  I am wondering if I can attend my local community college and take some classes here, and then transfer the credits to culinary school....  In an ideal world, I would just do everything at culinary school, but to save money....  I am wondering how possible that would be - has anyone done it?  Any tips or information on anything would be great!  So sorry this post was all over the place, I tend to ramble, haha.  Thanks again! :)
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Why are you considering culinary school?

Give us some background:
  • Are you looking for a cooking career in the restaurant industry?
  • Are you looking for a management career in the restaurant industry?
  • Are you looking to ultimately have your own food business?
  • Are you looking for a cooking career in the institutional food industry (school, hospital, corporate, etc)
  • Have you worked in a restaurant or commercial food facility?
In other words, what is motivating you to spend 1-2 years and, possibly, $40,000 to learn the culinary trade?
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I'm considering school because I love to learn...  I've been a waitress, hostess, worked on the line, and numerous other restaurant kitchen jobs.  Someday I want to have my own book store/coffee shop...  But the real reason I want to go is just to learn.  I realize it's a big expense to learn something when I don't desire to work at a huge place....  I want to know why things are done the way they are, and they "right" way to do things, as well as the history of it all.  I guess I want to go for me :)
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